Hai Society Boutique is looking for brand ambassadors!

What is a brand ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is a strong leader within their community, excited about fashion and, of course, passionate about Hai Society! They will inspire their peers to be the best version of themselves and represent Hai Society in a positive manner

What would I do as a brand ambassador?

  • • We will start with a 3 month trial to evaluate your awesomeness as an Ambassador.
    • We require 3 image posts per month across all of your social media sites. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are required.
    • You’ll be given a promo code to promote our brand. We will use the code as a measure of your success.
    • A paid ambassadorship may be offered to you if you consistently exceed our expectations each month.
  • What could I win as a Hai Society brand ambassador?

    As a Hai Society Brand Ambassador, you will receive a special welcome package.
  • There will also be other opportunities throughout the duration of the program to win amazing prizes.

    If you are selected to be part of the program, you will receive your Hai Society Brand Ambassador Guide with specific details, prizes, and instructions. Email info@thehaisociety.com now and ask how YOU can be a part of our amazing community!